Cloud Technology: Changing the Business World

Cloud Technology: Changing the Business World

From the time computers were invented many years ago they have been considered a powerful tool in the business world. The ability to access data instantly made it possible for accountants, managers, and company leaders to compile huge databases that might have taken a team of analysts to work through. Modern computers have become much more powerful, and allow users to access and manipulate data on a much larger scale, and from nearly anywhere in the world. Cloud computing has changed the way businesses think of computers.

Cloud computingIn the past computers were thought of as tools that could make work easier. Now they do the work for us. Where it was once possible to simply access data, that data can analysed in real-time and used to create a comprehensive interactive report. When several departments need to see that report it can automatically be emailed to the proper recipients. If an immediate response is needed a link to a video conference can be included in that mail. While the department managers and the president of the company are in a video conference they could each be interacting with the report and adding their own input, with results showing up in real time. All of this can be done from a single server that might be located anywhere in the world.

Business leaders don’t need just computers anymore, they need computers that make decisions on their own and integrate all the right tools in all the right places. An IT company that offers a cloud solution offers more than just a bunch of servers, they offer a new way to do business. In the past IT support was limited to what a representative could offer over the phone, or what they could do during a very expensive service visit. Now that computer technology has evolved beyond physical limitations IT Support has too. Troubleshooting for software issues is handled mostly by the operating system itself. Hardware issues no longer involve a service visit because all the servers are located at a single site. Cloud technology offers more to businesses than traditional mainframe or standard server deployments ever could, and all at a more reasonable price.

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