Cloud Computing as a Service

Cloud Computing as a Service

Cloud computing has been around for more than a decade now. Many people dismiss the idea of the cloud as nothing more than a buzzword used to market services to unsuspecting consumers. Others aren’t even sure what the cloud is. In short, the cloud is an effort to create a single cohesive network from what was once many separate networks and make them accessible through a variety of services and devices. It might seem that this is, in essence, what the internet is, but the internet is actually only a part of the cloud. Like clogs are shoes but shoes aren’t necessarily clogs.

Cloud-ComputingCloud services use the internet to provide a virtual network among several different databases. As these databases connect and share data, they begin to work together in a coherent manner rather than being just a collection of information and software. Allowing data to be used in a more cohesive manner creates possibilities that wouldn’t have existed with the latest generation of software and hardware.

With the help of an IT company, or a microsoft dynamics partner, businesses can create an infrastructure that reaches all over the world. Geography is no longer a factor that restricts a company’s growth. Executives who travel all over the world won’t have to rely on external resources to connect with their home office. Data that might have taken a team to transfer from one server to another will be available on demand. Software can be accessed by hundreds of users at once from anywhere there is an internet connection.

IT support services can be offered much more efficiently with a cloud solution. The hardware that hosts the software an office is using will be located in a single location rather than in a medley of server rooms in various buildings. A single IT support provider will be able to access hardware immediately, saving valuable time in resolving an issue. Because most cloud solutions use virtualization to host software, it takes just a few seconds to deploy a new server, migrate an old server, or reboot an existing server.

Cloud hosting services allow nearly any business to use the latest technology in the most efficient manner at a reasonable price. Older methods of hosting are slowly being eliminated in favor of cloud capable virtualized servers, and for a good reason. Any business, large or small, will find a much more effective solution using cloud technology as well as save money.

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